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Pain Killer Addiction – Nurse’s Quick And Easy Guide To Getting Off Pain Killers

Many chronic pain patients may be under-treated as a result of doctors who are trying to gain control over pain killer addiction, it’s reported. Many other drugs can interact with the opioids and cause a variety of symptoms; this can be fatal. And physical dependence on a drug suggests that sudden stopping of the drug… Read More »

Sleep Disorder – Nurse’s Guide – Get Help Now With These Quick Tips

It’s often reported that the average adult needs about nine hours of sleep, but many studies and people dispute this; reports range from four hours to ten hours a night. Two sleep disorders categorized under disturbed sleep orders include Restless Legs Syndrome, sometimes incorrectly referred to as Restless Leg Syndrome, with one ‘s’, and Periodic… Read More »

The Roles of Nurses and Physicians in Medication Prescribing Guidelines

Many of the malpractice suites against doctors and nurses have to do with medication errors. Prescribing is the first point in the drug administration process at which drug error can arise. Hospitals invest millions of dollars in training nurses and doctors to help prevent sentinel events from occurring. In looking at how medication errors arise,… Read More »