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On Sleeping Well for Better Days: Identify and Treat Sleep Disorders Now to Stay Healthy

Sleep is an indispensible requirement for our body to continue functioning. Although sleep experts and scientists still have varying opinions about it, and ultimately cannot fully explain the exact reason why we need sleep, there’s no debating the fact that sleep is necessary for a healthy mind and body. However, it’s unfortunate that almost two-thirds… Read More »

Blood Disorders (Mosby’s Clinical Nursing Series)

Nurses are currently obtaining information on disorders of the blood from medical-surgical nursing textbooks or from brief sections in oncology references. This book should be useful for medical-surgical and oncology nurses who often see patients with blood disorders and critical care nurses who care for patiets with such blood disorders as haemophilia, disseminated intravascular coagulation,… Read More »

Circulatory Disorders

Many of you have written to me telling me that you’ve been diagnosed with a certain circulatory disorder and you are wondering if my programs can help. Oftentimes, your diagnosis is ambiguous and treatment options are vague. Many of you don’t know why circulation is so important to the body. The short answer is oxygen.… Read More »