Research Gives Practical Way For Chronic Kidney Disease And Diabetic Patients To Beat Diabetes

By | July 15, 2017

Research is now showing that weight loss can dramatically decrease the risk of getting full-blown Type II Diabetes if you are at risk, such as those with Chronic Kidney Disease (CKD). More specifically, the Inquisitor News reports that losing 10% of your body weight within the first months of getting diagnosed with Pre-Diabetes can have long term affects that may prevent you from getting Diabetes Type II, according to a study by Springer Link. Do not be intimidated with losing so much weight so quickly. We will share other strategies in this article to improve your chances of avoiding or better fighting Diabetes.

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People diagnosed with Pre-Diabetes have higher than average blood sugar levels but don’t have high enough levels to be diagnosed with Type II Diabetes. Due to medications and a frequent inability to exercise on a consistent basis, people with CKD are at an increased risk of obesity, Pre-Diabetes, and full Diabetes Type II.

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In the study, patients who lost at least 10% of their body weight in the first 6 months after Pre-Diabetes diagnoses, decreased their risk of getting Diabetes by 85% within 3 years. Similarly, those that lost 5% to 7% of their body weight decreased their risk by 54% within 3 years. The ability to “stop” Pre-Diabetes from persisting is a rather new idea, but extremely important. Diabetes alone raises your risk of Cardiovascular (Heart) Disease as well as a number of other health issues such as nerve damage and amputation. These risks only increase further when you combine Diabetes with another deadly disease such as CKD.

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Unfortunately, if that 10% body weight isn’t lost in the first 6 months of diagnoses, “it’s likely that most patients will develop Type II Diabetes.” Still studies have shown that progressing from Pre-Diabetes to Type II isn’t inevitable, and can be treated by simply improving your diet and eating healthier which will lead to weight loss.

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That is why your diet is so important because you can help manage and reduce weight and risk of Diabetes through your diet. Also if you already have Type II Diabetes, your diet can make a big difference in your outcomes. If you are willing to invest $ 5.00 toward improving your quality of life, consider the cooking guide, Fight Kidney Disease and Diabetes. It is on sale for National Kidney Month, but is the most holistic approach you will likely find to improve your health quickly.

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There are other things you can do to drop unhealthy pounds as well. In dire circumstances, consider asking your Nephrologists about prescribing, Metformin as a way to combat high blood sugar levels in Pre-Diabetic patients. This medication has been rarely prescribed to patients in the past but based on new studies, it might be very beneficial in preventing Diabetes in addition to assisting weight loss.

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According to the American Diabetes Association, even losing 10 or 15 pounds can have multiple benefits such as “improved cholesterol levels, lower blood sugar, reduced blood pressure levels, as well as lightening the pressure on joints like the feet, ankles, knees, and hips.” It’s highly recommended that you consult with your doctor and a nutritionist before starting any sort of weight loss program. Especially in the case of CKD and Diabetic patients, trying to lose weight on your own can be dangerous.

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If you haven’t been diagnosed with Pre-Diabetes yet and want to lose weight, connect with your Dietitian who can provide you with recommendations. Also, if you are reading this it means you have reached the end of the article and you probably found it useful or at least interesting. Go ahead and share it on your Facebook and Twitter or send it to friends in an email. They may find it just as helpful!

Research Gives Practical Way For Chronic Kidney Disease And Diabetic Patients To Beat Diabetes

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