Prevention is better than cure – Back pain, an apt example

By | July 11, 2017

Back pain in this world of fast automation
Back pain is pandemic. It’s becoming like the common cold. Most people you know have it or have had it or feel they might have it. Universal automation has made us go soft & our spines struggle to cope every single day.

We focus all the time on treatments, neglecting- there is a whole lot we can do to ‘Prevent’. Yes some back pain is genetic, but environmental factors play a big role, in how much & how many people suffer.

The human body- our own machine
The human body undergoes wear & tear; it’s more like a machine used over & over. If a machine is not handled properly- it breaks down faster, if it is serviced regularly- it has better performance & lasts longer. The same principles apply to human systems. Our spines need care.

Care for your back
Awareness of body posture everyday is essential to preventing back pain. While at work, travelling, relaxing or even sleeping- Posture is crucial- awareness of Posture is crucial. Incorrect posture & lifting habits cause increased stresses in the spine. This is back pain that could have been avoided!

Educate yourself about Back Care Products
There are various tools for Spine care & these could be effectively used to help maintain better back alignment:

While you work- Ergonomic Office chairs, laptop stands, keyboard & mouse trays, lumbar supports, footrest
While you travel- Neck & back supports, lumbar corsets / back belts
While you sleep- Memory foam mattresses
While you relax- Zero gravity recliners

Servicing the Spine- Move, be active, exercise
Movement is food for the spine. It nourishes the discs, lubricates the joints, stretches & strengthens the muscles. On-going exercise whichever form you enjoy & are likely to stick with, is extremely beneficial.

Listen to your body- Don’t ignore what you feel
If you are experiencing symptoms, do not wait for them to get worse. Get yourself evaluated & know that prompt measures will reduce the amount of disability & help attain quicker recovery. Physical Therapy is highly recommended.

To sum it up, we can’t change bad roads & definitely not that we need to sit for long periods, what we can change though is- be a lot more active, educate ourselves on better back posture & tools that enable us to maintain this, seek prompt help if in pain.

We, at Back Rx Spine Care, acknowledge back problems on the rise and understand the need to have a one stop solution, we provide all you might need, to keep your spine agile and in good health.

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