How Should Women Stay Healthy In Their 40s

By | August 9, 2017

40s are the big milestones in lives of most people. Women have a thriving family and work responsibilities. So, somehow, even health conscious women can start ignoring their health and wellness. But, increasing age is a risk factor of several health complications. So, this is a vital period of your lives, where health is paramount. So, you need to take the due effort to stay ahead of the curve, right? From over-40-years health check-up to exercise, all factors contribute to healthier aging for women.

Get over 40 health check-up annually.

You can start a women’s medical check-up somewhere in late 20s for a healthy lifestyle. However, a specific women health check-up is essential for women in their 40s. These tests and their results are not as much about health. They are a vital prevention measure as age is a major risk factor in several diseases and disorders. In other words, you are more vulnerable to certain ailments with increasing age. So, a specific over-40-years health check-up highlights where you stand. So you can avoid major health complications while aging. That is the best way to age healthily.

Watch your weight.

Women stop watching their weight at certain point of time in their life. They s do not like women’s medical check-up because it takes their weight into account. But, obesity is a risk factor in several health ailments. For example, type 2 diabetes, high blood pressure, heart diseases, etc. So, do not overlook your weight. Weight management is an important part of staying healthy in their 40s. So, here are few additional tips that you can use along with a women’s health check-up.
* Start a simple exercise routine. 30-minute brisk walk and yoga are great options available for women.
* Focus on a low-calorie diet. The most important part of this diet is to avoid certain food items and eat the rest of them in moderation.

Manage your stress.

Stress works against some vital health markers in over-40-years health check-up. So, you need to take an effort to lower your stress levels in order to contain the consequences. Stress busters can come in handy during the implementation. However, it is more important to avoid anxiety-ridden situations in the first place. Make some time for yourself so that you can enjoy any one of the following stress relief activities.
* Meditation
* Yoga
* Hobby
* Travel

So, take care of yourself during this part of your life and it will serve you well down the line. This is a right time to invest in your health. It is your opportunity to enjoy several healthy years by doing the right thing at this point of time.

Shalini Iyyer; a medical student, has an obvious passion for medicine and health care. That’s why; she shares her understanding of subjects like preventive health care systems like health check-up for women in their 40s. That is her way to help people through the information.

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