Fatty Liver Diet – A Cleansing Liver Diet Guide

By | August 11, 2017

I have been told to undergo a cleansing liver diet after being diagnosed with fatty liver disease. According to the lab results, I’ve had my condition for quite some time, but the symptoms – such as nausea, abdominal pain, and discomfort in the lower right torso – just exhibited themselves a short time ago.

Fatty liver disease, or hepatic steatosis, results from excessive fat deposits in the liver. If unattended, this can result in liver cancer, cirrhosis, and ultimately liver failure. So a cleansing liver diet and regular exercise must be practiced to be able to improve one’s condition.

When I discovered my state, what I did was instantly research on how I could treat my fatty liver disease as naturally as possible. What’s a cleansing liver diet anyhow? I learned that a cleansing liver diet could do a lot. So I asked my nurse on the best cleansing liver diet out there. He recommended me to read “Eliminating Hepatic Fat: The Fatty Liver Diet Guide and Factbook,” an e-book written by another nurse, Dorothy Spencer. He told me that the diet guide could assist me begin my cleansing liver diet plan.

Through the book, I learned more about the liver’s many functions such as bile production, which helps emulsify fat and breaks down large fat globules to smaller ones which are broken down by enzymes. I also found out more about what causes fatty liver disease. Further, I was able to know more in regards to the important vitamins and minerals in reversing fatty liver, providing me an overview of what I have to eat and what I have to steer clear of in a cleansing liver diet.

A chapter is likewise dedicated to planning one’s daily and weekly diet plan. Nurse Spencer offered a lot of beneficial ideas like how to limit the daily total fat consumption in cleansing the liver. She gave specific recipes that I could simply follow along with a weekly menu guide that was totally beneficial in my cleansing liver diet plan.

After a number of months, I felt a lot better and when I checked once more with the hospital to see if there were any improvements in my condition, I was glad that there were. The lab results showed that I had lower bilirubin levels for example. The cleansing liver diet really helped me obtain this improvement.

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