7 Veggies and Fruits Beneficial For Women Health

By | June 30, 2017

Most people realize the benefits of veggies and fruits that they contain various vitamins and minerals for health. But do you know that some fruits have special vitamins and minerals vary from others? So they can help treat people differently.

As woman being, they always look for something to enhance their skin and health. Actually, there are many kinds of fruits, veggies, and food that can benefit both for women and men. But here I’m going to recommend the suitable veggies and fruits that are so much beneficial directly for women. Taking the stuff below can definitely help them gain healthiness and healthy-looking skin. Let’s see what they are.

Prune: It is the source of potassium, iron, and fiber. The most important thing is that prune promotes blood circulation for your healthy complexion and youthfulness. Normally, when we are over 25 years of age, the body will gradually get deteriorated and there’ll be fats accumulated in parts of our body. The skin then becomes dull and dry. By the way, iron enriched in prune can help treat this condition as well as increase more iron for women who lose blood and iron during their period.

Beans: Beans are rich in protein, iron, and vitamin B. Scientists found that when we have food high in fiber that is water soluble (mostly found in beans), fiber can help coat our abdominal skin that makes us feel full faster and longer. And it absolutely makes the appetite decrease. Furthermore, beans also contain many other various nutrients for skin nourishment. This is why beans can promote the great body shape as well as beneficial nutrients for women health.

Broccoli: It provides natural selenium that helps nourish skin texture and increase skin elasticity. So your skin becomes smooth and youthful with the decrease of wrinkles.

Banana: Banana has beta carotene that provides anti-oxidant agent to fight free radicals. When we are over 22 of age, the body growth gradually slows down, but the higher deterioration of skin. The result is the increasing number of oxidative cells that cause free radicals. Moreover, when the body gets deteriorated, the ability in regenerating and repairing cells will naturally decrease. So women should always take bananas for their youthful conditions.

Guava: Do you believe that 100 grams of guava can provide you the amount of vitamin C up to 180 milligrams? This is true and this vitamin C plays important role in producing collagen that makes your skin tight, firm, and elastic.

Apple: Apple is another kind of fruits that are rich in beta carotene, vitamin C, and fiber that is water soluble called pectin. This pectin has properties in decreasing your appetite, lowering weight, and reducing cholesterol. When you are starving, taking an apple is much better.

Orange: Orange is a source of vitamins, minerals, and fibers. Taking the whole piece of orange can help control your weight as its dregs make you rapidly full. So orange is great for those who want to lose or control their weight.

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